NAS Patuxent River, MD - Gate Hours, Map and Status

    There are three access gates at NAS Patuxent River. The Main Gate 1 is open 24 hours, but there are no Outbound lanes from 0600-0900 on weekdays. Gate 1 is located on Buse Road on the west side of the base near Lexington Park. Gate 2 hours are 0530-1830, M-F with 3 Inbound lanes and 1 Outbound during the hours of 0600-0900. Gate 2 is also the location of the Pass Office/Visitor Center. Gate 3 hours are daily from 0530-1830.

    The interior gates which are not listed below are as follows: The Navy Recreation Center (NRC) Solomons Gate is open 24 hours. The Webster Outlying Field (WOLF) has two gates: The Main (Villa Rd) Gate is open 24 hours and the Back (Beachville Rd) Gate is open three times a day, M-F: 0600-0800, 1100-1300 and 1530-1730.

    Gate 1
    Gate Operation Information: 24/7 (4 Inbound Lanes)
    Inbound Only: Mon-Fri 0600-0900
    Gate 2
    Gate Operation Information: Mon-Fri: 0530-1830 (Between 0600-0900 3 Inbound lanes / 1 Outbound)
    Gate 3
    Gate Operation Information: Mon-Sun: 0530-1830