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    NAS Patuxent River, MD - In Processing

    When soldiers arrive to beging in-processing at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, check in at the Command Duty Office,301-342-1095 or at your command check in point. Your leave needs to be stopped so make sure you have your orders stamped in the check in point. When reporting to you CPC, you should have your stamped orders, service record (if still in custody of), receipts from your travel and your detaching endorsement FID (SH03). Both PSD and the CDO are located in Building 409 (NAS Administration) on Cedar Point Road. With your CPCs help you will fill out a new SGLI form, update your Page 2, fill out your travel claim - part of your travel claim will be for you to get your Temporary Lodging Expenses (TLE). You can get 10 days paid lodging with receipts. Receipt must indicate a zero balance. 10 days lodging must be between previous duty station and gaining duty station.

    You will need to have permissive leave for house-hunting approved prior to taking the leave. This can be accomplished through your command administrative office.

    At your new command, you will get your base check-in sheet. Get your sponsor or someone from your command to help you find your way around the base. You will need a sponsor who can assist you with your needs.
    Bring several copies of your orders as well as your leave form and any applicable financial paperwork. In-processing at Naval Air Station Patuxent River usually takes several days and uniforms must be worn during the process. The hours of operation for in-processing are Monday through Friday from 0730-1530. For more information regarding in-processing procedures, call 301-342-7303.
    We look forward to your arrival and extend our wishes for a pleasant tour at Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, Maryland. You are scheduled to be assigned to NAS Patuxent River. A sponsor will be assigned to you upon completion of the Sponsor Application Sheet. You also may email the assistant command career counselor or call DSN 342-5277 or commercial at (301) 342-5277.

    A full information brochure with essential advance transportation, housing, and temporary lodging information will be mailed to you upon receipt of a completed Sponsor Application Sheet. Please read your package carefully to avoid problems during your move.

    If you need assistance after normal working hours, call our Command Duty Office at DSN 342-1095, or commercial (301) 342-1095.

    We wish you a pleasant move and, again, welcome aboard NAS Patuxent River!